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Board of Directors

The MASC Board of Directors consists of the Officers and the Chairs of the MASC Divisions.
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Ellen Holmes President Email
Andrea Wadsworth President-Elect Email
Stacey Rizzo Vice President Email
Mildred Lefebvre Secretary-Treasurer Email
Deborah Davis Immediate Past President Email
Beverley Griffin-Dunne Division I Chair Email
Marc Terry Division II Chair Email
Jason Fraser Division III Chair Email
Michelle Bodin-Hettinger Division IV Chair Email
Laura Fallon Division V Chair Email
William Cameron Division VI Chair Email
Nicole Bartlett Division VII Chair Email
Donald Erickson Division VIII Chair Email
Irene Feliciano-Sims Division IX Chair Email
Virginia Simms George Division X Chair Email
Devin Sheehan President Emeritus and NSBA Board Member Email
Glenn Koocher Executive Director Email


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