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Kathleen Kelly

Kathleen Kelly

Field Director

Office: 617-523-8454
Office: 617-899-2064

Kathleen Kelly joins the MASC staff as a Field Director. She became a member of the Cambridge School Committee in 2014 and continues to serve. She was elected by her fellow members to serve as Vice Chair. During her tenure, the district has conducted one Superintendent search, instituted social emotional learning and RTI, hired a new assistant superintendent of special education and supports and a new assistant superintendent of curriculum and achievement, who have brought much energy to the district office. We are currently studying proposals to extend the school day across all schools and grade levels in the district in order to increase equity for our students. In addition to being Vice-Chair, Kathleen is chair of the Special Education Subcommittee, the Superintendent Evaluation Subcommittee (Committee of the Whole), and represents the School Committee in union bargaining negotiations. Previously, she served as Budget Co-chair for three FY budget cycles.

Kathleen will be assisting districts across the MetroWest area, including districts south and west of the 128 belt (the complete list of districts and their individual field reps is available here). She will also assume responsibility for developing sample policies as needed, and advise districts on questions of policy.

Kathleen’s professional background makes her uniquely qualified to assist school committees as they struggle with the challenges of under-funding and over-regulation, and the growing need to reach out to diverse families who are struggling with the economics and politics of 2019. Kathleen is a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and the Massachusetts Association of Social Workers. She graduated from public schools in Connecticut. She served as a parent representative on the School Council at her child’s school and also was active in supporting effective early childhood education and after-school programs. Kathleen earned an MA/MSW from Boston College and an MBA from Simmons University.